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Rules for "MSABC" Relay Teams for Out of Province Meets or Nationals

Province Coordinator:
  • Relay and Out of Province coordinator is Aart Looye. Aart is the board contact and the board will ensure all out of province relays have a contact person for each meet which will be noted on the website. The person responsible may change on a meet to meet basis.
  • If you wish to swim as MSBC for Out of Province meets on a relay team contact our coordinator giving your most recent times.
  • Even if you are not swimming relays, please let our coordinator know you are going to an Out of Province meet so that they can serve as an information source for swimmers travelling.
Definitions for the purposes of participation in relay teams:
  • Co-ordinator - A person appointed by MSABC to select, enter and organize the "MSABC" relay teams for participation in out of province events.
  • Unattached - A registered masters swimmer who does not belong to any club;
  • Orphan - A registered masters swimmer who belongs to a club but whose club does not require them to swim in any club relays at the meet in question.
Rules for the purposes of participation in relay teams:
  • The club to which a swimmer is registered shall always have first call on the swimmer's services. A swimmer may only change clubs once in the Association's year that ends on 31st August; in exceptional circumstances the Board may grant a swimmer an exception to this rule, but the exception must be confirmed in writing.
  • MSABC shall have the first priority on all orphans and unattached swimmers to swim on "MSABC" relay teams outside the province. The code used should be MSBC, for Masters Swimming British Columbia, for entry purposes at meets in both individual and relay events.
  • Any swimmer who declines to swim in relays for either the club they are registered with or for "MSABC" in any meet, is ineligible to swim on any other relay team in that meet.
  • Orphans or unattached swimmers not required for "MSABC" teams may join other such swimmers to form an exhibition team to swim in a relay, but that team cannot set B.C., National or World records, or be placed in the event if the meet is held in B.C.
  • "MSABC" teams may not set B.C. Provincial records.

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