‘League’ Trophy (Large, Medium & Small Team categories)

The first award is the ‘League Trophy’, which goes to the team that scores the most number of points* in its team category during our ‘League’ meets; these are all meets held prior to our Provincial Championships. The more swimmers your club sends to each of these meets, the better your chances of scoring more points. These trophies are awarded at the Awards Banquet during Provincials.

‘Champions’ Trophy

The second award, the ‘Champions Trophy’, is presented to the team that scores the most points* at our Provincial Championships. Once again, the larger the contingent of swimmers your team sends to Provincials, the better your chances of winning. If the points are such that, prior to the final event of the meet, a team is assured of the win, the trophy will be awarded before the final event. In the event that the winning team will only be decided during the final event when most teams will have already left for home, we would present this award at one of our first meets of the following season.

*Points will be awarded on a 1st to 20th place finishing in each event for each age group based on the Hy-Tek point system (20-18-17-16-15 etc., for individual events and 40-36-34-32-30 etc., for relays).

The winning teams, both League & Champions, will also receive, the following year, a permanent banner that they may hang at their home pool.

Ted Simpson Achievement Award

Kurt Ouchi is the 2023 recipient of the Ted Simpson Achievement Award
This award will go to the registered MSABC Masters Swimmer who has achieved distinguished results in the current year‘s swim season. Results from Worlds, Nationals, Provincials, and local meets, improvement in personal best times, and overcoming challenges such as injury, illness, and disability will be considered for this award.

This award is presented in memory of Ted Simpson. Ted was a valued coach of the Vancouver Y Torpedoes from 1960 – 67. Ted continued his coaching and, in later years, coached Masters swimmers. Ted was valued as a coach who made swimming fun and made swimmers feel good about themselves. Ted was interested in all who came under his tutelage. As Ted valued achievement in all forms, this award is a fitting memorial to Ted and how he lived his life.

The recipient will have their name engraved on the Ted Simpson trophy and will receive a framed MSABC limited edition print.

Stan Powell Memorial Service Award

Khosro Mansuri is the 2023 recipient of the Stan Powell Award
This award will go to the person who has contributed to the betterment of Masters Swimming in British Columbia and/or service to Masters Swimming, (e.g. past service on the MSABC Board, club official, club or event organizer, meet volunteer and/or coach).

This award is in memory of Stan Powell who died in November 1999. Stan played most sports throughout his lifetime and coached many at the secondary school level for more than thirty years. Nearest and dearest to his heart was swimming and so it was upon Stan’s death, his family requested donations to establish a suitable memorial, which is a large oak perpetual shield, with a similar smaller plaque given to the recipient.

It was Stan’s belief one should give something back to the community for the enjoyment received by participating in sports. With this in mind, Stan was personally involved with swimming, water polo, basketball and baseball. Stan gave so freely of his time by volunteering for sport. Stan embodied Masters swimming as a lifestyle; the Stan Powell Memorial Service Award is a fitting tribute to his memory.

THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS MARCH 31st of each year. If you know someone deserving of these awards, please send your nomination(s), with a few lines about why they are qualified, to the MSABC President.