Below is a guide for both MSABC Club Registrars and individual members to assist with registration requirements, including new members and renewals.

Club and member registrations are valid September 1-August 31.

Registering with a Team
In most cases, swimmers register through their local Masters Club. There are almost 50 registered MSABC clubs in BC with 2200+ swimmers to choose from. A list of clubs is provided on our website. To join a club within your area, please contact the club’s Point of Contact and inform them that you would like to join. If you need any information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the MSABC Registrar.

Individual Swimmers
Some swimmers may wish to register without a club affiliation. These members will be assigned to the Dogwood Masters Swim Club (which was created to accommodate MSABC’s unattached swimmers per World Aquatics rules). For results to be recognized by World Aquatics, you must swim representing a club. To register as a Dogwood swimmer, complete the online form: Dogwood Registration.

Club Registrars
Each club must follow Swim BC’s registration process as detailed on the Swim BC website. After team registration is complete (in early September of each year), Swim BC will initiate the re-registration process. Club Registrars oversee the registration process for all of their team members. A new login password is provided to the Club Registrar each year after the team registration process is complete. Once Club Registrars log in, they will be able to commence their registrations.


All registration fees for Masters swimmers in BC are to be paid directly by Interac e-transfer to Swim BC: Cheques are also accepted.

The fee to register a Masters team with Swim BC is $15 and must be completed each year by the team.

The swimmer registration fee is $49 and payable to Swim BC. The $49 is comprised of a $12.50 Swimming Canada fee; a $25.00 Swim BC fee; and an $11.50 MSABC fee. Swimmers are registered by their Club Registrar or individually.

All coaches also need to be registered each year. The coach registration fee is currently $126.00 (plus the cost of any additional required courses and CRC fee). Through the coach registration process, 2 invoices are generated (Swim BC and CSCA). A step-by-step guide on coach registration in the RTR system can be found in the Masters Registration Manual. All on-deck coaches working for your club are required to be registered in this system to ensure they are properly covered by insurance. If your coach is coaching an age group program, they are likely already registered (please check with the coach) and can be “affiliated” with your team. For Masters-only coaches, please register in Category “D”. For more information on minimum requirements, see this detailed list.


All members in an MSABC Club must be registered MSABC members; registered unattached swimmers (known as “Dogwood” swimmers) are part of the Dogwood Club. Only members of the Club or other registered members of MSABC or World Aquatics affiliates may participate in training programs or camps of that Club.

MSABC members are also registered members of Swim BC.  This membership provides MSABC with the opportunity to run sanctioned competitions, to have all competition results recognized as official, and to insurance coverage that provides abuse liability, sports accident, and D&O liability coverages.  Swim BC manages a variety of other membership requirements for MSABC.

MSABC clubs renting time and lanes from aquatic facilities must ensure that all their swimmers and coaches are registered with MSABC, or be a visiting World Aquatics affiliate registered swimmer. No unregistered swimmers are permitted.

New swimmers, under the “MSABC new member” trial, may swim with a team for no more than two weeks at which time, they must pay the annual registration fee.

Any club operating a swim meet or swim camp must ensure all participants are MSABC members or World Aquatics affiliates. Any club participating in a swim meet must ensure all their members are registered members.

Coaches (including volunteer coaches)
No coach (or one who is perceived to be coaching) is permitted on deck if they are not registered as a coach with MSABC or World Aquatics affiliates. This requirement includes junior coaches and volunteer coaches. Registering as a coach (not a swimmer) is required of all coaches on deck in training and competition environments.


Every year, there are a few new Clubs that start up within MSABC. They are most welcome to join and their Club and Staff will have access to all MSABC privileges and coverage. A comprehensive information package on starting up a Masters Club is available on our website.


Any member swimming out of the country can request a “proof of registration” letter. This is a requirement for most International Meets, including USMS meets


Club/Individual membership inquiries, proof of registration letters, or any question can be forwarded to the MSABC Registrar.